1 Ultra Important Blog Tip For Beginners – Stop Wasting Your Time, Energy & Income on GURUS!

You want to make money from your blog, right? I get it. Everyone does… or at least those of you who are reading this right now. But do you want to know what’s really holding you back? What’s keeping your feet in a firm foothold in the concrete quicksand of inertia, confusion and the ABSENCE of progress P3 Powergroup?

Too much information. NOT too little. I don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t know enough to be successful with blogging. I know a lot of people who know SO much, that they are confused to the point of inaction. And if you want to know the truth, I’ve been there myself. So overwhelmed with the unending urge to learn more stuff… that you discount the simple strategies that you KNOW will work straight out of the gate.

It’s just like dating. Or basketball. Or even SEX! Would you spend hours and hours and days upon days READING how to make love to your partner? Or would you rather simply learn on the job..:-)? Or would sit down and read all about the history of basketball and all of the physical laws that allow a rotating ball to land smoothly through the hoop from 15 feet away? Of course not – you’d get your rear end out on the court and just shoot the basketball until your shot was good.

Look – I teach the very same stuff that those other folks do. So it’s not even in my own best interests to “share” this to begin with. But I’m going to tell you the truth – the BEST thing you can do right now is process learn. Get your face muddy, make some mistakes and just get in there and do it! Being able to parlay your passion… into profit is one of the most liberating, free feeling exercises in enjoyment you can find… and the best way to begin is just give up on the “gurus” and get out there and do it on your own!

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