Audio Typing – A Widely Needed Career

From the college student struggling to finish writing the monster report they have due in the morning to the freelance writer whose fingers have gotten stiff from to much use, audio typing is something that is catching on quicker than ever before. These easy to use programs have started appearing in dorm rooms, home offices, and even in corporations as more and more people give up the frustrations of the keyboard in favor of being able to simply talk into a microphone and see their words appear on the computer screen.

While this new technology is indeed a great way to make writing easier, there are some problems that the user should be aware of. The main problem this type of software has is the fact that the grammar used is not always perfect. This often means a person needs to manually change errors. Just as with grammar, another common problem are words which sound the same but are spelled differently, and of course accents can cause problems as well.

The good news is that audio typing programs have improved significantly over the last few years and are continuing to become better every day. While there are programs out there that don’t really seem to care about these problems, high quality programs address this issue. In fact it may not be long before this particular software becomes a computer staple just like windows and Microsoft Office.

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