Brand Bolt: Your Olympic Sized Greatness

The London 2012 Olympics is a true testament of those who have through much sacrifice and practice subjected their minds and body to rigorous training, all aiming to not only compete but to win gold.

Sports men and women have worked tirelessly for years hoping it will culminate in Olympic glory and to be named the best in their discipline. One of the very greatest on the track is Jamaican born Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world and a BRANDING MACHINE. He is literally everywhere but he didn’t get there solely on talent, rather with a great team behind him and an icon mindset World Brands.

Bolt was recently interviewed by Mashable Entertainment regarding his latest iPhone game App, appropriately named BOLT. One of the answers he gave to the journalist’s question really resonated with me. Here it is below.

Why do it? Do you see athlete-themed and branded mobile games becoming more of a trend?

Bolt replied: “I view the game as an extension of my personal brand – just like my website and social media channels – so to me, it made sense. I can definitely see more athletes going in this direction because it provides a new way to engage fans and create additional value for your brand.”

Bolt is the person and Bolt is the brand. Everything he does is an extension of his brand. His name is now the value. With each new product his brand’s identity and projection increases. I will explore this a bit later and show you how you too can incorporate this into your brand to achieve phenomenal success.

All sporting Icons including Muhammed Ali – who also featured in the London 2012 Olympic games have one thing in common, they believe in their greatness, in their Icon. One of my slogans “Icons master the art of being unique, irresistible and standing out. Icons are bankable and outshine their competitors.” emphasises a very special quality that all Icons possess, they are trendsetters and their brand is transferrable into other industries.

Why is Brand Bolt so bankable and how can you incorporate this into your life, business and brand:

1) His name: God blessed Bolt with an appropriate name that matched his speed, it’s like it was predestined. Like lightening bolt, so is Usain on the track, the fastest in the field. It’s so important to have a name that clearly states who you are and what you do. You may not be as fortunate as Bolt to be born with the most complimentary name for your brand so take the time to brainstorm and come up with a name that is memorable, one that clearly communicates who you are and what you do.

2) Personality: Usain is a true performer and has always loved his country Jamaica, the food and the dance. All these things and more uniquely mixed together to create the fabulous person we have grown to love on screen. Being authentic and charismatic will grab people’s attention and cause them to desire to be like you and to be around you. Like Bolt, can you find a way to bring more of your personality into your business, brand or niche? It will certainly increase your sales and make you more bankable. Remember people buy people not products.

3) Pose: Whilst others pulled the most serious faces to emphasize their high level of focus Bolt completely changed the game by playing up for the cameras. He smiled and made himself likeable, he danced and got even the least confident person feeling brave enough to shake a leg but most of all he posed. It was the pose in the form of a lightning that helped to catapult his brand to the next level. His pose caused him to stand out and gain an instant following. All of a sudden everyone was doing the Usain ‘to the world’ pose. Think about your posture in your industry what is everyone doing that you can do differently? Spend some quality time finding your distinction, when you do you’ll become so attractive that masses of people will start following you.

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