building links to a customer’s site.

In today’s digital market you should be looking to adopt techniques outside of the traditional, narrow-minded, one-dimensional view of link building.

Instead you should be leaning toward techniques such as the creation and marketing of interactive content which offers the ability to amplify brand awareness and spark engagement, through which factors such as link acquisition come second to the sheer reach of the content and the maximised brand reach.

Interactive content has been around for a while now but is still in its infancy and not well known to most businesses; therefore many people will still question its place as a marketing initiative. linksexpert But trust me when I say this is digital marketing at its most powerful.

Interactive content can be an incredibly cost-effective method of content marketing if done correctly, plus it’s not a process that can be gamed link those mass link building techniques therefore not susceptible to spam so potentially future-proof.

If you’re serious about digital marketing then this is one area which you should research.

2. Written Content Marketing

Written content marketing is still an incredibly effective way to gain links. By “written” I’m referring primarily to the creation of content for use on your own website and potentially for external websites.

If you can create an informative, compelling piece of written content and market it successfully it will be worth its weight in gold, will increase brand exposure and is likely to naturally acquire links (bonus!).

If you’re the type of business that can release something new such as industry research or offer a new slant on a subject then go for it full steam ahead!

Alternatively, research ways in which you can create content which is worthy of the reader and research methods of content marketing (LinkedIn advertising, Facebook advertising and promoted tweets to name but a few possible options!).

With this in mind, guest posting on well renowned websites can still be an effective method of link acquisition but I would advise strong consideration of your target audience before you proceed. Identify a topic that will be beneficial to the reader and tailor your content to those seeking your information.

Don’t write a guest post just for link benefit, use it as an opportunity to showcase your in-depth knowledge of the chosen subject. A credible article written by a credible author is far more likely to have a positive impact on the audience and more like to gain exposure.

3. Local Citation

Promoting local business citation and ensuring your maintain NAP consistency is still considered to be one of the most influential factors for local search rankings. Citations can also aid in driving referral traffic and lead generation.

So identify and claim existing citations, maintain NAP consistency of those identified, and look to develop further local citations where possible.

But remember, there are a lot of low-quality local directories and such like out there, so keep it credible and remember quality over quantity.

Harris Schachter

Optimize Prime


1. Broken link building. This is a given because no one wants to have errors on their site and pointing these out to webmasters is basically doing them a favour. In addition this works very well because they can be found easily.

2. Plain old outreach. Putting in the time and effort up front to contact and establish relationships with people who run sites in your niche is priceless.

People who curate content have to go out and find the content first, so contacting them first just makes this easier. Furthermore, these relationships can come in handy down the road.

3. Dare I say guest blogging? It works well for placing links on sites that are relevant to you, but at the same time it also exposes your content to a pre-established audience who might not have heard of you otherwise.

If you make a good impression with solid points and good content, the traffic coming through the link can be more valuable than the SEO value it brings.

Chris Dyson

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A lot of link building techniques are “effective” but it depends upon what you mean by effective. For this answer I’ll assume we are talking about links that will move the needle and at the same time be at lower risk of causing Google penalties.

1. Enhancing Other People’s Content – I use this quite often to get links for my clients in content that is performing well on social media or gaining links.

Whatever your skill-set there is always a way to make a piece of content better whether it’s an illustration, additional data or a handy tool.

2. Broken Link Building – if you want to get links from pages that are well linked to and have been indexed for some time taking advantage of the link rot on the web is a great place to start.

I will often begin by looking at Org and Edu domains as many libraries have curated links around various topics. If you or your client have an in-depth resource that fits then it’s worth looking for broken links on these sites and offering your resource as an alternative.

3. The Information Gap – this is not really a link building strategy but more of an outreach tactic I like to use if I have to email someone I don’t have a relationship with already. The term information Gap comes from George Lowenstein’s paper on Information Gap Theory in 1994:

When we come across something new that is not explained by our previous knowledge or experiences, an information gap is formed, and we have a desire to find the answer.

It’s the same reason everyone clicks on those UpWorthy style headlines.

So when you are emailing a prospect, offer them part of the information up-front and then ask permission to send them the link to the article or data source. If you want to learn more about these techniques you can check that out here or on Gregory Ciotti’s blog.

Chris Gilchrist

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