Corner Your Market – A New Angle On Selling the Corner Lot

The way I see it, there are are two types of people in this world: those who love corner lots and those who hate them. If you are about to sell your corner lot property, understanding what makes these two groups of people tick is an essential first step that will help you market your home and sell it for the best price.

Down on the Corner

Typically, the those who vow they’d never buy a home on a corner lot always cite lack of privacy as the main drawback to living on the edge of two streets. “Strangers will watch you step out of the tub,” these folks exclaim. And while I always wonder if they’ve ever heard of curtains or landscaping when I hear these things, I recognize the truth in what they say. Corner lot homes naturally have twice the number of people looking up at their windows. The corner lot home is twice as visible and exposed to passersby on two streets. Even worse: if you’re a gardener, there will be twice as many sneaky people picking twice as many flowers from two of your yards. So who wants it?

Turning the Corner

Fortunately for sellers, people who love corner lots abound in this world and this type of property is generally more expensive for good reason. Three of the primary reasons that corner lots come at a premium price are:

They are larger. The benefits of this should be obvious but among them are the fact that your bigger lot will yield more possibilities for living spaces.

Fewer neighbors. This is ironic, but though you have more street front property with a corner lot and supposedly less privacy, you actually have fewer fences to share with nosy neighbors, fewer backyards looking into yours, and fewer windows facing the back of the lot.

Increased visibility. Yes, I said it. Privacy is overrated and corner lot lovers know this to be a true fact. Think about it: if you operate any kind of home business, a corner lot is the lot you want.


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