COVID-19 Updates to Home Schooling

The Central Office of Home Schooling invites you to the 2020-2021 school year. The data underneath will furnish you with directions to enlist your kid (or proceed) self-teach training for the 2020-21 school year.

How would I enlist (or re-enlist) my kid in self-teaching for this school year? guamhomeschool

To start or to proceed with self-teaching your kid, you should yearly present a Letter of Intent. For the 2020-21 school year, this letter is expected approximately July 1, 2020. Kindly email your Letter of Intent to and incorporate the accompanying:

Parent or Guardian name

Your youngster’s name

Youngster’s date of birth

Street number

You may send one Letter of Intent that incorporates different youngsters, yet a letter of purpose is needed for consistently a kid is self-taught. Kindly don’t send general correspondence to the Letter of Intent post box.

After a Letter of Intent is sent, what are the subsequent stages?

So as to guarantee that your youngster gets an instructive encounter adjusted to the New York State Education Department (NYSED) Commissioner’s Regulation Part 100.10(Open outer connection), there are a few structures that you are needed to submit throughout the school year.

You should give the things recorded beneath every year by the accompanying dates; note all Quarterly Report cutoff times are proposed dates. Guardians may indicate comparable Quarterly Report due dates on the Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP). The quantity of reports ought to be corresponding to the time of home guidance.

Yearly Mandated Deadlines


July 1, 2020: Submit Letter of Intent [see Part 100.10 (b)(Open outside link)]

August 15, 2020: Submit Individualized Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) [see Part 100.10 (c)(Open outside link)]

November 15, 2020: Submit Quarterly Report #1

January 31, 2021: Submit Quarterly Report #2

April 15, 2021: Submit Quarterly Report #3

June 30, 2021: Submit Quarterly Report #4 and Annual Assessment

* Indicates dates recommended by the Central Office of Home Schooling. Guardians may decide genuine dates of quarterly reports accommodation on the last page of IHIP, yet reports must be sent in four equally dispersed quarterly stretches. For understudies entering self-teaching during the school year, the quantity of reports ought to be relative to the time of home guidance.

Accessible Document Templates

To help guardians and families, we have given electronic duplicates of each structure. You can download each structure in the language you talk at home and round out the structure on your PC or electronic gadget. A rundown of the structures is at the lower part of this page.

It is the sole duty of the parent or gatekeeper of every youngster to present these things on schedule and as per the commands of NYSED Commissioner’s Regulation Part 100.10.

Where do I send documentation?

Guardians of youngsters who are at present self-taught in NYC must send all consistence things straightforwardly to It would be ideal if you note that consistence things including Letters of Intent, Quarterly Reports, IHIPs, and Annual Assessments can’t be acknowledged through fax.

All documentation must incorporate your youngster’s name as it shows up in our records. ForIndividualized Home Instruction Plans (IHIP) and Quarterly Reports, it would be ideal if you submit just one structure for every youngster – don’t list different kids on a similar structure regardless of whether they are in a similar evaluation.

In the event that you have moved or your contact data has changed, if you don’t mind send an email to alongside the understudy name to keep away from any deferrals.

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