Delivery Signs – Maintain Order

Do you own or manage a restaurant or hotel? If so, you already know that you depend on regular deliveries of food and food-related items to keep your customers and guests happy. If you know that you are going to be serving an A-list guest on Saturday, it’s important that nothing stands in the way of your Friday morning food and supply deliveries. No one wants to tell their guests that they can’t deliver on a promise because the delivery driver had no idea how to get to the dock in the back of the building. If you find it necessary to tell drivers where to bring your deliveries on a regular basis, you should think about installing delivery signs to save yourself the trouble.

Maybe you’ve always had good relationships with your regular delivery drivers, or maybe you always thought that it was obvious where the deliveries should be dropped off. But in the event that your normal driver is sick, or you aren’t there to communicate with the new driver, it’s always better to be safe with delivery signs than sorry without them. These signs can be simple, such as black and white arrows with the word Delivery written on them. This way the drivers will know which direction to bring your supplies.

Another hard thing to enforce when you are a busy owner or manager is the fact that deliveries can only be made before or after certain business hours. When you own a restaurant, you know that the late morning and afternoon hours are usually the times when you get the lunch rush of customers. These people only have a few minutes to order and receive their meal, and the last thing you want them to do is wait. If your staff is busy accepting a delivery during these hours, you run the risk of frustrating your customers and causing chaos in the kitchen. Maintain order by only accepting deliveries during morning and afternoon hours, and communicate that with delivery signs.

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