Five Helpful Tips For Keeping Community Vandalism at Bay

While in the process of installing a fence Plano TX, Parks and Recreation discovered something very sad. It seems that the specific park being worked on had become a favorite target among a group a vandals. In Plano fences can be used to create a type of deterrent to thwart the activity of vandals, yet a simple enclosure cannot wipe away the entire problem. In the area of Richardson fence building around parks would be likely to decrease vandalism but by itself would not provide a significant reduction in the activity. Perhaps your community is currently seeing a marked increase in park related vandalism. Perhaps you are a community leader, an active volunteer, or just a concerned citizen who is interested in keeping your parks clean, safe, and useful. Here are just a few things that many communities around the country are doing in an effort to keep vandalism in check.

o Create a neighborhood watch group that will specifically monitor activities at local parks. This group would utilize volunteers to monitor park activities at all hours, whether the park will be open or closed.

o Work in conjunction with city leaders to prioritize the updating of park lighting. Keeping your parks well lit during dusk and late night hours is a must. If neighbors are concerned about bright lighting being an intrusion into their nearby homes, investigate motion sensor lighting or lighting which can be monitored through the use of timers.

o Petition your local police department to consider adding an additional park drive by during the hours when the park is dark. Most police departments will be willing to work with the community, particularly if they have the opportunity to decrease the opportunity for law breaking. The presence of a uniformed officer is sometimes enough to deter a group of vandals from even meeting at a specific location.

o Work with your local Parks and Recreation department to create an environment which is not conducive to vandalism. For instance, can bathrooms be locked when the park is not open? Can existing graffiti, etc. be removed and fresh paint be applied? Parks that are clean and well cared for are most likely to be visited by families rather than vandals.

o Work with your community to enact programs for teens who may need a creative outlet during their free time. Sometimes boredom or inactivity plays a part in a vandals choice to deface property. Providing a productive and creative activity center where people can come and learn is a valuable community tool. It is also a great way to build unity and excitement within your community.

No community wants to deal with vandalism but staying on top of the problem before it over takes neighborhood parks and facilities is highly advisable. By taking the initiative to address vandalism problems, communities can create safe and clean parks for adults and kids alike. Following the preceding five suggestions will hopefully put your community on the right track to eradicate the problem of vandalism and create the best atmosphere for all members of the community at large. When community members work together, good things are sure to happen.

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