High Blood Sugar Levels and High Blood Pressure

Keeping your blood sugar levels and your blood pressure under control, could be the way to keep your brain in good condition when you have Type 2 diabetes. This was shown to be the case in research results published in theĀ Journal of Neurological Science, September 2010.

Both high blood sugar levels and elevated blood pressure are known for damaging blood vessels, and that includes those carrying oxygen and energy to your brain. Middle-aged women were studied to discover whether having both Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, or hypertension, could contribute to the decline in the workings of the brain.

Tests of brain function:


  • One hundred and thirteen women ranging in age between 49 and 63 with a diagnosis of both Type 2 diabetes and hypertension, were compared
  • With 27 women aged 46 to 60 years with Type 2 diabetes but without hypertension


Eighty-seven per cent of the ladies with both diabetes and hypertension showed a definite decline in their mental function. Only 70% of these volunteers with diabetes, but with normal blood pressure, showed signs of mental decline. It was therefore concluded that having both Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure was associated with more mental decline than just having diabetes alone.

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