Live a Younger Life Now

When it comes to “youth” after a certain age, it seems that the jury is still out as to if it is judged by the way you look or by the way you live and behave.

While the jury grows old deliberating, you will be happy to know that I think it’s a lot of both. So how can you blend your lifestyle with your looks?Read on.

1. Get rid of the worry and the drama, these show-up on your face. Problems are not solve by worrying about them nor by creating a whole set of drama around them. They are solved by recognizing your role in creating or attracting them and determining the steps you will take to solve them.

2. Slow down and take time to stare. Really take in your surroundings; it’s truly a beautiful world. Watch the majesty with which the sun sets, observe the glorious rising of the moon and did you ever notice that the camera cannot capture the aquamarine of a Caribbean sea? Stare in awe at a snow-capped mountain peak and smile at the brilliant gold of the fallen autumn leaves.

3. Take care of your skin, especially your face. Did you know that the biggest secret to younger skin is not moisturizing? For real. It’s exfoliating. So go ahead and gently scrub off the dead skin on your body and let the younger skin shine through majesty skin.

4. Quit the cigarettes and reduce the alcohol. Apart from the damaging effects to the internal body and mind, they show up on your face. Can’t you just look at a puffy, red, wrinkled face of a supposedly young person and see alcohol written all over it? Make sure that such a face is not on your shoulders.

5. Stretch. Not the thing you do when you have been sitting too long in a particular position. Learn how to truly stretch your muscles, especially if this is a part of a weight-training and aerobic exercise programme. Join a class if you have to. It helps you to maintain your flexibility and nothing shouts YOUTH like a flexible body.

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