Make Excellent Money Online With Good Keywords

Keyword research is extremely important when trying to find easy ways to make money online. It is estimated that 85 to 90% of online marketers do not do adequate keyword research. The marketer must understand what is in the mind of the buyer. Don’t guess.

The right keywords is vital to making money online. The less competitive the key word is, the higher the ranking that one can assume on the internet. You need to be able to rank quickly and easily. The higher competitive keywords take a long time to see any return. There is less competition in the usage of long tail keywords. Usually long tail keywords are the actual words that the customer is inputting into the search engines when looking for products or information.

Here are some rules to follow regarding success with keyword usage:

*Try and find 10 or more keywords when writing articles or blogs. Thirty would be ideal. Make sure that they are drilled down targeted keywords. For example, instead of just using the key word, MLM,use ” what is the best MLM company that I could get involved with”?

*A thousand searches should be the rule of thumb when looking for monthly searches in the Google keyword tool regarding how many times one has searched for a particular product or services. A thousand searches suggest that there is adequate traffic for a particular product or service. Also in this regard you should try and look for ten thousand or less web pages that have been posted regarding said topic. A thousand or less pages will let you know that there is less competition for said product and you can enter this market. There is however some exceptions to this rule.

*Look for buying keywords. Keywords that say “buy” “paid for with pay pal” These are all buying signals.

*Look for keywords that have the products name. For example if I am looking to buy an online marketing system like “Magnetic Sponsoring,” this would be a signal that this is a targeted keyword, because it just not talking about a system but it uses that particular name.

*Find keywords that uses the product name and the word review. Review is usually associated with a serious buyer because at this point the buyer is perhaps looking to make a purchase and only need to validate this through reviewing some information online.

*Look for action verbs like purchase, get and download. This is a signal that the buyer is ready to buy.

*Look for jargon’s. Jargon’s being the verbiage that the buyer use when they type in their request. Jargon’s are also the language that is steep in the mind of the buyer. An example of jargon that the customer would use regarding diet could be something like this. Not how to lose weight, but how can I get a flatter stomach.

There are several tools that are free to use to obtain good keyword. One of the tools is a Google keyword keyword tool. Simply enter a word or phrase and the tool will give you words or phrases that the buyer types in. Also there is another tool that you can get a free version of and it is called Word Tracker. There is also a paid version of this tool.

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