Rappi is a Colombian multivertical organization settled in Bogotá, Colombia, and with fundamental workplaces in São Paulo and Mexico City. It was established in 2015 by Simón Borrero, Sebastian Mejía and Felipe Villamarin and today is available in 9 nations (Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil) and in excess of 200 urban communities. marketplace

Rappi has been characterized as the Latin American SuperApp and one of the quickest developing organizations in the locale. Its organizers were remembered for the Bloomberg 50 rundown in 2019, remembering them as business visionaries and pioneers who have changed the worldwide business scene in quantifiable manners in the most recent year.


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Rappi’s characterizing qualities is the expansive scope of items and administrations accessible for conveyance. The portable application allows clients to arrange staple goods, food or drugstore meds, yet in addition send cash (money) to somebody, or have a dispatch pull out cash from their financial balance from an ATM and get it conveyed to them, additionally, the messengers can offer vehicle individual assets, (for example, house keys, wallets, satchels and that’s only the tip of the iceberg). Messengers even walk clients’ canines.

Its UI has developed from a store hold, to a less skeuomorphic interface, following the worldwide pattern. Contingent upon the nation, clients can pay in real money or by means of charge and Visas. Its foundation joins Grability, an online business stage utilized by different retailers, for example, Walmart, El Corte Inglés and Cencosud[3]. Client surveys are generally negative because of absence of client support[4].



It is the organization’s most grounded conveyance vertical and they have an assortment of choices including veggie lover and particular eateries, and enormous chains, among others. It has top notch partners in every one of the business sectors where it is available as of late dispatched its haute cooking administration where famous culinary specialists join the conveyance

Markets and Convenience Stores

The vertical indicated more development universally during COVID. They have huge store chains and in Colombia they have the restrictiveness of Grupo Éxito. The biggest in the nation. For enormous buys they have armadas of trucks that are reasonable for moving huge volumes and have the choice of customers inside the general stores that are answerable for choosing the items.


It is a generally new vertical inside the application, where clients can locate a wide scope of items and customer products of a wide range of brands with worldwide acknowledgment. Design, embellishments, magnificence, sports, toys and family unit things are only a portion of the divisions in this class.

Rappi Entertainment

In June 2020 and during the pinnacle of the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin American nations, Rappi reported in a live occasion inside the application, in concurrent for 9 nations, that from that second on, live occasions could be held in the application just as declaring the formation of 3 extra divisions in this classification, for example, games, live deals and music.[5]

With this declaration Rappi merged its objective of turning into the primary SuperApp in the mainland by growing its contributions to rival other enormous names in the realm of amusement and as Spotify.


Rappi was established in 2015 by Felipe Villamarin, Sebastián Mejía, and Simón Borrero, three Colombian business people. The underlying interest in Rappi was $2,000,000 (equal to $2,160,958.92 as of 2019[6]). As per Mejía, Rappi’s clients can “request nearly anything they need with a super application idea that will convey it to them quickly in return for a buck.” The organization creates income by taking a normal of 17% from each retail transaction.[1]

Afterward, Rappi entered Y-Combinator’s Winter 2016 bunch, producing extra investment.[7][8] In August 2018, the organization brought another $200 million up in funding.[9] SoftBank turned into a significant partner in Rappi in April 2019 with a $1 billion dollar investment.[10]

In October 2018, some conveyance individuals of Rappi rioted. The organization has been condemned for its working conditions, from the representatives side and for an absence of client care from their clientele.[11][12][13] Rappi has purportedly neglected to follow guidelines with respect to client service and faces potential fines from government regulators.[14] The [Colombian] Superintendency of Industry and Commerce has defined an examination against Rappi S.A.S. “Not having a protests channel for their clients, the way that there is still disarray in the terms and conditions … the last cost for the buyer actually being obscure and variable, the reality they are as yet not focusing on the grievances … calls our consideration,” Superintendency head Andres Barreto told journalists.[15]

In January 2019, Rappi marked an association with Avon Products to circulate the organization’s excellence and individual consideration items through its platform.[16] That month, because of the Tlahuelilpan pipeline blast and following gas deficiency in Mexico, numerous clients went to Rappi to arrange gas conveyed to their home, yet the organization needed to advise them that this cycle was illegal.[17]

In February 2019, Simon Borrero was granted the “Empresario del año” (Businessman of the year) grant from the Colombian President for changing society.[18]Simon Borrero and Rappi et al are at present being sued in U.S. government court for misappropriation of proprietary advantages.

As of August 2020, Rappi had in excess of 200,000 free dispatches effectively associating with the application in Latin America, and worked alongside more than 250,000 unique organizations including food supplies shops, drug stores, booths, and office supply stores.[1]

In 2019, Rappi cooperated with Visa Inc to offer pre-loaded cards in Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, along with a QR-Code based advanced wallet called RappiPay. Rappi’s Country Manager in Brazil said it was the first of numerous monetary administrations the organization wanted to grow past delivery.[19] In June 2020 Rappi reported an association in Mexico with Banorte to revolutionalize advanced banking services.[20]

The accomplishment of the organization has been supported by the Venezuelan displaced person crisis,[21] with more than 1.3 million Venezuelans having fled to Colombia as of July 2019.[21] As numerous new transients battle to secure customary positions, applications like Rappi permit a snappy admittance to a first moderate revenue.[21]

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