The Art of Downsizing to Condo Living

Houston condos are a popular destination for people from many walks of life, including young, urban professionals, families and empty nesters. Many condo buyers, in fact, choose Houston condos because of the ease of living they provide. These smaller, urban spaces eliminate much of the hassle associated with being a homeowner and instead provide a number of fantastic amenities and benefits.

However, the move to Houston condos often means downsizing. If you currently live in a single-family home and are considering downsizing and moving to one of the many fabulous Houston condos, you are going to want to consider how you will downsize your life, along with your home.

Here are our tips for downsizing to a Houston condo:

• Before you move, get the measurements of the rooms in your new condo and get them down on paper. Then, begin measuring your furniture to see how it will fit into your new space. Don’t forget to also take into consideration the location of windows, doorways and doors when deciding whether your current furniture will fit into your new space. It may be best to use graph paper and draw a diagram of your Houston condo so you can better understand the space with which you are dealing.

• Don’t forget that oversized furniture pieces may look out of sorts in a condo space. Because the interiors of many Houston condos are much smaller than single-family homes, you will also want to consider the overall scale of your furniture to decide whether it will make sense in your new space.

• Start your downsizing by eliminating the obvious. For example, there may simply be no room for your formal dining room set, so consider what you are going to do with it. Now is a great time to gift items to friends and family, donate items to your favorite charity or even have a yard sale!

• Don’t leave the downsizing to only furniture when considering a move into one of the many Houston condos. Think of smaller items, as well, such as dishes. For example, the dishes in your kitchen cupboards may have been useful when you had a houseful of children, but now that the kids are grown and gone you will likely need fewer dishes, pots and pans, and the like.

• Tackle the garage, as it likely contains many items that are no longer needed when living in Houston condos. From lawn furniture and lawn mowers to holiday lights and gardening tools, there are plenty of things that may earn you a few dollars from a garage sale.

• Find a great Realtor through a trusted company like VIP Houston Realty to help you through the process of downsizing. A good realtor can do everything from find a fabulous condo that best fits your lifestyle and budget to help you locate a company to haul away your unwanted items. Think of your new move as a new beginning and revel in the art of downsizing!

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