Traffic Ultimatum Bonus – Is it Really a Bonus?

It seems like every product that is released these days is accompanied by a whole barrage of sites, pages and articles promising bonuses for buying the product, sometimes claiming up to a $10,000 value! The traffic ultimatum bonus term is already blotting out the daylight on the search engines so what is a good bonus to look for?

I have to say what really annoys me the most is these unscrupulous marketers who post these enormous bonuses, the vast majority of which are completely out of date e-books and videos and not only that they put a huge value on them too. Not only that, they have absolutely no relevance to the product they are promoting.

Now here is the real problem with this. Any online marketer that has been at this for more than 6 months or so will know straight away that this is a con, but the poor unsuspecting newbie thinks wow what an offer I’ve got to get this! Any what is worse the newbie might spend all his time working on these out of date e-books instead of giving the “main product” a chance.

Is it any wonder only 5% of internet marketers make it through the first year and only 10% of those make it through 2. Some of these product that are released really contain valuable information that could actually help more marketers make it through the first year but because they get sidetracked by all this out of date rubbish they don’t take enough action on what will work.

So what kind of bonus should you be looking for.


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