Transportation in Mozambique

Getting around and about in Mozambique is not always the easiest of tasks as the transportation available is not always reliable. Certain areas of the country are not served by public transportation at all, while others suffer from very little or infrequent services. Due to the size of the country and the distances involved in getting around, the use of a car for all visitors is almost essential.


While Mozambique does have a fair amount of roads, the majority of these are not tarred. Consequently the choice of vehicle you use is going to depend on where you are going. There are a number of car hire companies available and you could even look at purchasing a 2nd hand car for the duration of your stay. Bear in mind that Mozambicans drive on the left hand side of the road and that even though the country has road rules similar to other nations, this are often disobeyed.


Railways in Mozambique are  Alphafysiotherapie kinderfysiotherapie extremely underutilized, with the country having approximately 3,000 kilometers of usable railroad. Nearly the entire railroad is used for freight purposes which is almost entirely situated in the north of the country.


Bus services in Mozambique are quite popular, especially the international services running from neighboring South Africa. These bus services are incredibly popular as a reliable way to get across long distances but remember to have your visa all sorted out before leaving.

Local busses are known as chapas and these can start running from about 4am onwards. Don’t be surprised at the condition of these types of busses as they tend to be very badly looked after. The prices for these services are regulated by the government and so good value for many, but they have an appalling safety record. Also be aware of unregistered chapas and avoid using these if at all possible.


Taxis are becoming more and more common across the whole of Mozambique although they tend to be found mostly in urban areas. They tend to be in as bad a condition as the busses so expect break downs if you use the taxi service. Also be aware that none of the Mozambican taxi’s use meters and you will have to negotiate a price with the driver. Drivers will often try and gouge extra fares out of you so be very certain of the prices you agree on and never pay upfront.


Air travel is probably the best way to get around Mozambique if you can afford it. The national carrier is Linhas Aereas de Moçambique and they operate a service between all the major cities. Surprisingly the aircraft in use are in good condition and on the whole the airline is quite well run. The only issue to be aware of is that the booking system is archaic as you have to book telephonically and confirm your flight again 72 hours before departure otherwise they will cancel your reservation.

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