Why We Can’t Live Without Plastics

Plastics are very much a part of human civilization in the present period. In past periods humans lived quite well without plastics, mainly because they did not understand modern chemistry like we do today. Without the knowledge of how to make plastics other materials were used instead; metal, wood, glass, etc. But can you even imagine a world without plastics today?

Currently, plastics can be made from corn, oil and many other substances and their properties have a multitude of abilities. There are so many different types of plastics that generally there is a perfect type for any given application, whether it is a plastic bag, lawn chair, aircraft wingtip or an artificial heart valve, computer casing or NASA space innovation.

Lately, plastics, specifically plastic bags have come under fire due to the millions of tons that find their way into our oceans each year. The unfortunate thing is plastics in our environment are affecting the sexual reproduction of aquatic life and playing havoc on the eco-system. Many cities across the nation are now trying to stop the use of plastic bags at grocery stores, and they do not want to entertain the idea of going back to paper bags either (saving trees).

Since a good part of the plastics we use come from oil refineries, many are warning that the move to only using hydrogen or electric cars in the future will mean that there will not be the chemicals needed to make plastics, which our civilization depends on. After all everything is made of plastic these days. So, back to the question, can we live without plastics? Probably not, but we need to certainly consider this issue, as we move forward. Can you even begin to imagine a world without plastic? Think on this.

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